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Looking to Update Your Home?

We often look to updating our homes when it's a little too late. We are ready to put it up on the market right away, but there are too many steps the need to be taken in updating. OR a more common occurrence, we are having friends or family over and want to impress them with how updated and out together our home is. Why wait? This can just cause stress around great events in your life. When you have the time and a little extra cash, try adding some subtle, but necessary, updates to your home!

Here are some suggestions:

- Tile Counter-tops-- switch to a nice smooth surface (easier to clean too!)

- Brass colored fixtures-- black or silver adds a modern touch to your cabinets that can make your home feel like new!

- Popcorn ceilings-- I know these can seem tough to smooth down at a low cost, but there are great tips and tricks for this all over pinterest.

- When in doubt, think sleek. The new 'modern' is all about transparency and lustrous fixtures.

It is important to feel comfortable and express yourself throughout your home and not freak out when the time comes to sell or to simply have friends over for a dinner party!

Check out our pinterest page for more ideas!

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