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Spice up your Halloween Treats!

Can you believe Halloween is upon us? I know, it's still a month away, but it is coming up quickly and stores are beginning to inflate there prices for Halloween candy. Here are some great ideas to create new treats for the neighborhood kids!

-Honey Sticks

-Apple Cider

-Candy Apples

-Decorated Fruit Juice Box or Bottled Water

-Pumpkin Face Clementines

-Animal Crackers

-Glow Sticks

-Stickers (Halloween Themed of course)

-Glow in the Dark Balloons

-Mini Play-Doh


-Bouncy Balls


-Mini Coloring Books

and my all time favorite..

-Temporary Tattoos (These can make their costumes even better!)

Halloween candy is great, we all love it. However, why not break out of your comfort zone and offer and few unique treats for the kids and make your house the one to be at!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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