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Why do YOU need an Agent?

Buying or Selling a house is one of the biggest decisions of your life. I know, we have come so far with technology and there seems to be an answer for every question you have somewhere on the internet. Some of them are even reliable sources! However, in today's market, having a Realtor that has all the knowledge you need, and then some, will come in handy- especially in relation to the following:

1. Offline Marketing

Real Estate Agents have a vast range of connections through family/friends, the office they work for, vendors they have worked with in the past, etc. This can help with marketing your home to potential buyers immensely! The connections help tap into a larger personal network than the internet can.

2. How to Price a Home!

Zillow and other internet sources are great when you are just getting started, and sometimes it will even have the home listed within ball park of the correct price. However, Real Estate Agents are trained in how to correctly price a home in order to get the best price for you!

3. The Process

Once you find a home that you love or are ready to sell, you will need an in person agent to guide you through the processes. There are many different steps in the Real Estate world, and the only way to navigate it successfully is to have someone that you trust leading you along the way.

4. Negotiation

Having a professional negotiator on your side will only help you in this process. With them advocating for you, you will feel at ease with the sale or purchase of your home!

Tom Precourt is an incredible Broker Associate that will attend to your needs as his client. When looking into buying or selling a home, keep him in mind for all your Real Estate needs!

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